We start working on making construction administration run smoothly in the early phases of design by setting up good communication, and making sure we have a complete set of working drawings. In addition to weekly construction meetings, we keep on top of the contractor’s RFI’s and provide quick turn around on submittal reviews in order to maintain the construction schedule.

We currently review and respond to Districts are updated on change order types and totals throughout the project at weekly job site meetings. The majority of program design changes are resolved in the design phase or in production. If there is a program change during construction, revised design drawings are created and handled as a change request. Field clarifications are handled routinely and documented. They usually have minimal or no cost impact. If a field clarification has cost impact, a change order is generated.


During the construction phase, the Project Management services we provide are listed below. In addition to these items, we keep and maintain extensive logs which track RFIs, Submittals, CORs or PCOs, PRs, ASIs, CCDs. This log is available to all parties during construction. We also closely monitor and track all Submittals, Change Orders, Addenda, and Field Changes which are subject to DSA Approval, and promptly distribute approved copies to all parties.

    • Conduct weekly job site meetings and prepare meeting minutes
    • Monitor schedules and budgets
    • Assist with local agency meetings and approvals, as required
    • Review pay applications
    • Review change order proposals
    • Prepare change orders and ensure DSA reviews and approves all change orders
    • Quickly respond to RFIs
    • Review and respond to Submittals electronically
    • Review and manage Punch Lists
    • Manage DSA closeout of projects