Design West provides value engineering services and life cycle cost analysis during the master planning phase to determine the best value for the overall project. Our planning sessions discuss the future goals of the district and interpret what systems, materials, and construction methods will meet those goals. Value engineering steers the preliminary design and design development phases so that district dollars are spent on what is needed in the years to come.

Daylighting is a very important part of our school designs, which we through use of windows, aluminum storefronts, and skylights. Daylighting has been proven to increase student performance, behavior and mood. For more detailed information, please read this CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) Article.

Whenever energy funding is available, we have been successful in receiving substantial funding for our energy efficient designs. Golden Valley High School received $1.1 million in energy funding and Deer Valley High School received $1.5 million--the highest dollar amounts given in the state to date. We use masonry finishes, partial earth bearming and simple, efficient systems. We focus especially on energy saving lighting design through daylighting and lighting control systems. We believe all of these energy solutions must be simple so that they have lower maintenance costs.

Regardless of any specific environmental and/or material requirements, all of our projects include the following energy efficient features:

    • Emphasis on Daylighting
    • LED Lighting Fixtures
    • Exceed Title 24 Standards by at least 30%
    • Insulated Building Envelope
    • Efficient Use of Site
    • Stormwater Management
    • Low-E (Low-Emissivity) Insulated Glass
    • Easily Maintainable Flooring Types
    • Cool Roof Design
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Water Conservation Measures - Waterless Urinals and Low Volume Fixtures
    • High Performance HVAC Systems with CO2 Monitoring
    • Energy Management Systems with Remote Monitoring