We rely heavily upon user involvement to establish clear goals and objectives specific to each district and school’s needs. This develops an effective line of communication among the design team, educators, administration, staff and community members and establishes strong support for the project. The process includes a series of meetings with committee members, reports to the school board, direct input from staff, and finalized Educational Specifications and schematic design which reflects the established criteria.

It is of equal importance to maintain this user involvement throughout the detailed working drawings phase as well as construction administration to ensure that the completed building meets all users needs. Our design philosophy can be summarized in the following statement: “PEOPLE SUPPORT THAT WHICH THEY HELP CREATE."

Our commitment to professional excellence is evidenced through our work and the way in which we work with our clients and consultants. We are committed to creating complete campus designs; we take as much care to design the layout of your campus and outdoor spaces as we do with interior spaces.

Design West provides value engineering services and life cycle cost analysis during the master planning phase to determine the best value for the overall project. Our planning sessions discuss the future goals of the district and interpret what systems, materials, and construction methods will meet those goals. Value engineering steers the preliminary design and design development phases so that district dollars are spent on what is needed in the years to come.