In addition to providing all architectural services outlined in the standard state contract, we also offer a multitude of additional valuable services which are listed below.


The key element of our designs is campus master planning. Whether the scope of work includes modernizing a single building, adding several buildings, or creating an entire new campus, master planning is the most important phase of design. Every building either contributes or detracts from the overall function of a campus. Master planning insures that a project increases the functional capacity of your campus and insures that each project implements a School District’s goals.    MORE >


With the inclusion of AutoCAD Revit 2008, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is now part of our everyday practice. Revit’s 3D modeling and fully rendered images give the client, in the pre-design phase of the project, a clearer perspective as to how the project could look. With a better understanding of how the project looks and the added coordination that BIM modeling provides, the client can feel confident that the project is what they want it to be.     MORE >


We start working on making construction administration run smoothly in the early phases of design by setting up good communication, and making sure we have a complete set of working drawings. In addition to weekly construction meetings, we keep on top of the contractor’s RFI’s and provide quick turn around on submittal reviews in order to maintain the construction schedule.     MORE >


Green Building has recently become an important focus in School Construction, especially with the advent of LEED and CHPS certifications which some of our clients have choosen to pursue. That being said, all our designs focus on energy saving lighting design, through daylighting and lighting control systems, high performance HVAC systems, and sustainable building materials and finishes. We believe all energy solutions must be simple so that they have lower maintenance costs.     MORE >


We have taken over $770 million worth of school projects through the state funding process. Virtually every project we’ve done for the past 30 years has been state funded and has mandated meeting OPSC requirements. We have excellent working relationships with DSA, the California Department of Education (CDE), and the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC). These long established contacts serve us and our clients well to expedite agency approvals, and greatly assist our efforts in project certification and closeout. Successful quality control in school design relies on agency involvement during the design process.     MORE >